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Wellness Travel


Wellness Travel is a holiday, retreat or break which offers treatments, therapies and/or activities that support and improve ones health & wellbeing.

The Global Wellness Institute describes Wellness Travel as:

"Travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one's personal wellbeing."

The most obvious benefit of taking Wellness Travel Holiday would be to DE-STRESS & RELAX. While there are many ways in which people chose to holiday, a Wellness Experience is usually in a relaxing space with a focus on quietening the mind. These places are usually outside of the hustle and bustle of traditional touristy areas. It is in these relaxing settings that we are better able to calm our central nervous system.

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Another benefit is the opportunity to RESET. Whilst 'flop and drop' holidays can also be a good way to rest and relax, you do return otherwise unchanged; back into the rat race and daily grind as if you never left at all.


Active Adventure & Wellness Trips have a remarkably different influence on our systems, and especially our state of mind. Not only will our clients return rested and refreshed, but doing something positive for their health can have long-lasting effects on physical, mental & emotional wellbeing that can be carried into one’s regular lifestyle.

A Wellness Travel experience gives us time to HEAL & DETOX. Most people want to change their eating habits or flush out toxins, but in our normal lives, we are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of work, home & family, and we rarely have time to put everything on hold. By staying in an environment that is designed to nurture our bodies, it is the perfect way to step away from our worries and allow our body to focus on healing and repairing damaged or compromised cells.

Being able to step away from everything that isn’t positively serving us, and participating in therapies, treatments & activities that allow us to detoxify more than just one of our systems at a time is a huge benefit to our physical, mental and emotional health.


Wellness Holidays can offer us a different perspective and can actually provide us with an EDUCATION on self care. Many Wellness properties offer workshops and seminars, and their staff are fully qualified professionals in their field. One can learn a lot more from one weekend than they can in months of online research. This aspect of a Wellness Holiday /Experience cannot be under-valued

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Types of Wellness Holidays:

  • Wellness Resorts, Hotels, Spas & Retreats

  • Outdoor Active & Adventure Trips (trekking, cycling, walking, skiing, diving, golf etc)

  • Eco & Sustainable Travel Experiences

  • Farm Stays, Thermal Springs, Bootcamps, Spiritual Journeys & more...

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