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Custom Wellness Services, Events & Retreats.


Chronic stress leads to burnout, which can have major repercussions on our performance in all aspects of our lives. Making conscious choices to decrease stress should be a priority for everyone, particularly in times like these. Often the actions we take with this intention can be seen as a "treat", when in fact it is a necessary investment. Optimising the mind-body connection through transformative experiences is our specialty.


Operating on the coast of beautiful Central Queensland, we offer local exclusive and custom wellness services, events, workshops, retreats and can even help you plan a custom Wellness Travel experience in Australia and beyond that is perfect for you or your group. 

Our custom private services are perfect for teams in business and individuals for performance enhancement, and in the location of your choice. Get in contact today or check out our offerings below.

wellness retreats, yoga retreats, health retreats qld

We're all about
Wellness Experiences

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wellness retreats, yoga retreats, health retreats qld

Custom services with a focus on performance &

stress management.

We customise private or group experiences for enhanced performance. Enrich the mind-body connection through proven mindset & stress management techniques. Contact us today to start your personalised journey. 

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You don't have to

go far to fill

your cup!

Boost your weekend! Our events and workshops are awesome collaborations of local professionals featuring presentations and practical sessions designed to help you harness the full potential of your mind & body

mental health retreats qld, stress management

Want to take a journey to a place where you can enjoy the ultimate reset?

Our exclusive retreats are located in the most peaceful settings, so that our guests can enjoy an enriching and memorable experiences of deep mind-body connection and enhanced wellness.

wellness retreats, yoga retreats, health retreats qld

Oh yes!

We'll even custom create your ultimate experience.

We design unforgettable experiences for those who want to enrich their lives with travel & wellness. Allow our Wellness Travel Specialists to customise an active or wellness experience in Australia or beyond that is perfect for you.


Upcoming Retreats

  • 3 Day Mind Body Wellness Retreat
    Fri, 22 Apr
    Heron Island
    22 Apr, 8:30 am AEST – 24 Apr, 3:30 pm AEST
    Heron Island, Heron Island, Queensland 4805, Australia
    Join us on a Wellness Retreat in a nature lovers haven that will have you reconnecting in ways your Mind & Body are deserving!
wellness retreat qld, mental health retreats qld
Want some Wellness from home?


and enjoy our Free Downloads to use right away.

wellness retreats, yoga retreats, health retreats qld

MIND BODY VIBE was created to enhance performance in all areas of life for individuals, families, teams and corporate groups through focusing on stress-management and strengthening the mind-body connection. Our founder Jey, is on a mission to uplift the world one person at a time through transformative experiences. Be it one on one, in small groups, or on a special escape.


Our retreats and workshops are located in the most peaceful settings so that our guests can enjoy an enriching and memorable experience. Our private and custom sessions can be carried out in the location of your choice (such as home or business) and we may also facilitate online sessions for your convenience. 

Our 1:1 Services

Maybe you've been on one of our retreats and would love to do more inner work...

Maybe you've been to one of our workshops and simply can't get enough of our deep relaxation therapy...

Maybe retreats and workshops aren't really your jam, and hey, that's totally okay... because our private sessions are marvellous!

We utterly love to connect with our clients in a safe one on one setting and are ready to help you make positive changes to your life when you decide that you want to. 


See some of our private session offerings below...