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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been doing what you do?

Our founder and retreat host, Jey has been a consultant and coach for over 16 years during which time she became a certified Wellness Travel Specialist, Group Travel Specialist & Group Tour Host (to name a few).

Jey has travelled to more than 60 countries on 6 continents, including hosting various active adventures and wellness focused journeys. In 2020, during the covid pandemic, Jey started her official courses in Neurolinguistic Programing, Wellness Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neurophysics Therapy.

Since this time, Jey has been helping her local community as a qualified hypnotherapist and coach whilst building MIND BODY VIBE Wellness Retreats & Events. Jey collaborates with other local wellness professionals who also have a minimum 10 years of experience in their field.

Where are you located?

We’re located in Tannum Sands, on the Central Queensland Coast (Southern Great Barrier Reef)

Can I come to your office?

The short answer is NO. Since the onset of covid-19 restrictions, we've changed the way we help our customers in the most covid-safe way possible. We offer meetings by zoom, over the phone, face to face or over coffee at a covid-safe venue. I guess you could say that we're a flexible and mobile operation. Our private hypnotherapy and coaching sessions take place at the home of our clients.

Where are your retreats?

Our MIND BODY VIVE Retreats are currently operating in Queensland, with a focus on the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Central Queensland. We also work with our partners to book custom retreats for independent travellers and groups to destinations beyond Queensland if you're looking for something tailormade.

Do you do international destinations?

Whilst Australian border lockdowns remain in place, we Operate and Book only domestic destinations. We look forward to once again travelling to our favourite international destinations when it is safe to do so.

Can you customise a retreat or workshop?

Yes! Whether for individuals, groups, leisure or corporate clients. We have a wide range of industry partners to customise an experience for you - we’ve been doing this for over 16 years. Whilst our exclusive MIND BODY VIBE retreats and workshops are led locally, we can customise experiences throughout Australia or beyond. Get in touch with us today to customise and experience for you

Are there any types of people you don’t work with?

We recommend an intake call before we start working with you and this will allow us to know if you have any serious conditions. As Natural Therapists, we will assess if our retreats, workshops and services are a good fit; and in some cases, we may refer you to alternative services who can help. This may include but is not limited to some mental health conditions, drug addictions, PTSD and other trauma. In some cases, we may require a referral from your GP before we can work together.